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We are looking for Program Advocates

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Our program advocates are athletes who embody strong qualities and provides support and resources to help serve and support their community through youth engagement and development.

Program Advocate Summary

The A.C.E Sports Academy helps the younger generation of athletes understand the knowledge required to succeed as an aspiring student athlete. A.C.E Sports Academy helps students recognize the role academics and character play in sports. With a focus on social and emotional learning exchange and responsible citizenship tenants, students who attend the academy will gain increased sport specific IQ, self-confidence, leadership, and character development.

Essential Duties & Responsbilities

Consistently report on time as scheduled, prepared to perform assigned duties and responsibilities during entire scheduled period/shift.

Review and understand the purpose of the curriculum as it relates to the mission and vision of A.C.E Sports Academy.

Ensure the safety of all participants by monitoring and evaluating participants to ensure compliance with rules and prevent accidents.

Facilitate and implement the A.C.E Sports Academy curriculum as provided by leadership.

Communicate effectively and appropriately with participants, A.C.E Sports Academy personnel, families, guardians, etc.

Prepare, clean, and maintain equipment and academy environments.

Report issues (e.g., safety and well-being concerns, equipment issues, student concerns, etc.) in a timely manner according to policies and procedures.

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